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My goal with Nantucket E-Books is to make the best e-books on the planet, e-books that authors be proud to share with their readers. On my end, I’ve also sought out authors that I’d be proud to share on this platform. It’s providing authors with great e-book tools, and providing readers with great authors.

Today, I am thrilled to announce a new novel coming to Nantucket E-Books on October 20, 2023. It’s called The Woethief, and it’s the best fantasy novel you’ll read this year. This is your opportunity to support a great up-and-coming author-illustrator team.

Nyla Woethief has two minds, and an unborn child to protect. She longs to be free from her mistress, Gemma, who forces her to steal people’s bad memories. If she wins the next two duels, she will become Princess. Will that be enough to free her from Gemma and her treacherous ex-husband? Does an insectoid girl who haunts her dreams offer hope, or danger?

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The Woethief is a brand-new story from Seth Patterson. Seth has been a regular author with Nantucket E-Books under the pen name Riley Duffield, with short stories like True Love’s Kiss, which was a launch title for Version 2 of the platform last year. When I read True Love’s Kiss, I knew it was the kind of writing I wanted for my e-books: challenging, captivating, and bursting with creativity. I told Seth Patterson I would be eager to read any long-form work he wrote in the fututre.

Seth did not disappoint. With The Woethief, Seth Patterson has outdone himself. The Woethief is superb fantasy that asks a very interesting question:

If people could have their pain and shame taken away, would that make people better—or worse?

The Woethief is about WoeNyl, a human outcast in an underground world of bats and spiders. Forced into crime and dueling to survive, WoeNyl is split into two minds: the fierce and defiant Nyla, and the compassionate Woethief. Her tempest of competing minds guards a powerful ability: Woethief can steal people’s pain. With one touch, someone’s fear, anger, shame, and trauma move into WoeNyl’s body. A raging attacker becomes placid, giving WoeNyl the upper hand, a man haunted by years of abuse is able to know love.

For her immense power, WoeNyl is feared and hated by all Ildylians. After an unexpected victory in a gladiator’s duel, WoeNyl finds her powers exploited by a vengeful enemy. Forced to flee to the very fringes of Ildylia, she meets Denrick and Theila, a bizarre couple who may hold the key to WoeNyl’s mysterious past.


The Woethief features cover art and illustrations by Autumn Patterson. These fantastic illustrations are a vital part of the reading experience.

A young, human woman holds up an eye-sized orb of twilight while she stares at it. She has curly hair and a silk dress.
Illustration from Seth Patterson’s novel The Woethief, illustrated by Autumn Patterson. If you enable dark mode, this image will ‘flip’!

Autumn Patterson’s illustrations were specially-made to take advantage of the “flippable image” feature in Nantucket E-Books. If Dark Mode is enabled in the e-book, or is set in the reader’s browser/OS, the black-on-white images will invert to white-on-black, making them feel like they’re truly part of the e-book, rather than an addition to them. The Woethief is the first illustrated e-book designed from the outset to take advantage of this innovative feature only found in Nantucket E-Books.

Plus, we didn’t forget the alt text!


The Woethief will be available for free on under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. If you would like to support Seth Patterson’s work, place your order by clicking here. You can pre-order the e-book for $1.99 and have your name listed as a supporter. We are also selling comb-bound paperback copies for $8.99 ($9.99 autographed), plus $4.99 shipping.


Next week, I’ll be posting a written interview with Seth and Autumn Patterson. Seth’s a terrific author, and I’m looking forward to getting readers of Nantucket E-Books better-acquainted with him.

Don’t forget to get your copy ordered, and email a comment (see field at bottom of page).


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