Recapping October: The Woethief and Quarter Up

by NJB // // Broomfield, CO

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The Woethief Wows Readers

A book cover shows a statue of a woman with six bat-ears, enormous bat-wings, and spider-legs. The statue is built into a cave wall and integrated into an underground mountain. Below the statue, bat-like people fly. To their left, a spider-like person holds a club over his head to strike. Next to him, a spider-woman spins silk. Next to her, a human man reaches over a cliff edge to hold the hand of a fairy-like woman. At the bottom of the page, a human woman, with curly hair and scarred skin, holds up her hands in a questioning stance.

October was a busy month for Nantucket E-Books. On October 20, I published a new novel: The Woethief by Seth Patterson. This novel, about a woman with two minds and the power to steal people’s pain, is the best fantasy novel you’ll read this year. The Woethief has some of the best world-building I’ve seen, combined with the ethical problems found in great sf.

Customers were able to pre-order the e-book, and in return they had their name listed in the e-book as a supporter.

This was the first title on Nantucket E-Books designed from the start to use the ‘flippable image’ feature, which means the illustrations will adapt to dark mode, and they look amazing.

I’m pleased to say that The Woethief has had one of the most impressive debuts for a fiction title on Nantucket E-Books. In addition to the e-book, I published a comb-bound paperback edition. The first shipments of regular and autographed copies have been delivered. If you’d like to order your own copy of The Woethief, go to undefined.

Producing the paperback edition of The Woethief led to several updates to my print parsing program. Readers are loving how these books look.

Go Full-Tilt With Quarter Up

In this cover image, a woman in Wild West clothing stands in a gunfighters pose, ready to draw a bag of coins against her opponent on the other end of a dusty street. Her opponent

On October 24, I published Issue #4 of Quarter Up, a newsletter about pinball and retro arcade gaming. This issue started off with an article from Leland Tursi about the game Nibbler. If you remember playing snake on an old cell phone back in the day, you owe something to Nibbler. Also in the issue, I interviewed CO Springs repairman Steve Mitchell of Classic Amusements, and AT Gonzalez promoted Houston Arcade Expo, which he’ll be covering later this week. Finally, Buffalo shared memories of a trip to Denmark, where he discovered the universal appeal of pinball and blues music.

The eye-catching cover of this fourth issue is Shootout at the Arcade Corral by Brad Albright, who will also be at the Houston Arcade Expo.

This issue has already become our second-highest viewed issue ever. A big thanks is owed to the writers and artists of Issue #4, who not only contributed their work, but have helped promote the newsletter as well.

Issue #5 will be coming out in December.

Thank You

I would like to thank our customers this month, who have financially supported this platform. This includes my patrons on Patreon and Liberapay. Every day I am lucky enough to work with some amazing writers to create the best e-books on the planet, and by buying books and being patrons, you help me to keep at it. Let’sget some more books out there!

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