On an illustrated book cover, a girl stands behind her little sister. A mysterious woman looms in the background. Branches encircle the page. Page 1: A young girl, named Sallina, picks a plant and runs home and greets her sister, Charlea. Charlea says she doesn’t feel too well. Page 2: A young girl, named Sallina, places sweet-smelling wood in a fire and tells her sister, Charlea, that the scent will help her feel better. Page 3: A young girl, named Sallina, cries outside her sister’s room while her sister weaves a cocoon around herself. Page 4: A young girl, named Sallina, cries herself to sleep. Then the sun rises, with birds tweeting, and she opens a room, which contains a surprise. Page 5: A person inside a cocoon leans against the corner of a room. Her little sister, Sallina, weeps and remembers her parents dying. Page 6: An alien girl, named Charlea, tells her sister, Sallina, that she will get better. Sallina remembers her sick parents dying. Page 7: An alien girl, named Sallina, shakes a human-sized cocoon, begging for the person inside to wake up. Page 8: An alien girl, with large antennae, dreams about mean children throwing rocks at her sister, Charlea. Page 9: A girl, named Sallina, remembers her mother hugging her. Then a cloud of light asks her a why she is crying as she stoops over a human-sized cocoon. Page 10: A girl, named Sallina, looks over her shoulder with a confused expression. A voice in her head tells her to open a large, round door. Page 11: A winged woman, with her back to the viewer, removes her hood as she stands before a round door. Page 12: A winged woman, named Crystal, enters a house through a round door and talks to an alien child, who has wavy hair. Page 13: A winged woman, named Crystal, makes soup while an alien girl asks questions. Page 14: An alien girl, named Sallina, asks questions as a winged woman serves homemade soup at a table. Page 15: An alien girl, named Sallina, asks a winged woman if she is an angel. Sallina reacts because her soup is too hot. Page 16: A winged woman cools a bowl of soup with a gray cloud, coming out of her hand, and talks to an alien girl. Page 17: An alien girl asks a winged woman, named Crystal, how she knows her sister. Crystal asks her if she knows how silkwings grow up. Page 18: A winged woman, named Crystal, tells an alien girl that silkwings look different when they grow up. Crystal shows that she is the same type of alien by transforming her face to look like an insect. Page 19: An alien girl, with curly hair, yells at a winged woman, named Crystal. Crystal tells the girl that her sister will come back to life if she waits 14 days to help her sister hatch. Page 20: An alien girl holds a bracelet, made of 14 beads. A winged woman, named Crystal, tells her that she must help her sister hatch when all the beads stop glowing. Page 21: An alien girl asks if, when she comes back to life, her sister will be pretty like the woman she is hugging. Page 22: A winged woman, with large, furry ears, towers over an alien girl. The winged woman wears a simple white dress with a belt at the waist. She tells the girl that she is praying and to put on a bracelet if something bad happens. Page 23: An alien girl tells a winged woman that she loves her. As she leaves, the woman blows a kiss. Page 24: An alien girl lays on a couch and debates whether or not to put on a special bracelet, made of round stones. Page 25: An alien girl covers her eyes as the room fills with light. She looks up in surprise after the light fades. Page 26: A comic shows a winged woman, with a bat-like face, appearing in a burst of light. She asks, “Why did you put the bracelet on when I told you it was only for emergencies?” Her face gradually transforms to become more human. Page 27: An alien girl hangs her head. She wears a special bracelet, that summoned a winged woman. The woman tells her to be patient. Page 28: An alien girl says she wanted to talk to a woman for a few minutes. The woman, named Crystal, says that travelling to the girls world quicly hurts. Crystal tells the girl that she has plenty of supplies, the Holy Writings, and can talk to God. Page 29: A winged woman, named Crystal, asks an alien girl to remove her bracelet. When the girl does, the woman disappears in a swirl of light. Page 30: An alien girl clasps her hands together in prayer, while she holds a glowing, bead bracelet. Then, a three-eyed teddy bear holds the bracelet as the beads gradually stop glowing. Page 31: An alien girl, named Sallina, opens a door and peeks inside a cocoon too early. Page 32: An alien girl realizes she shouldn’t have opened the cocoon. She searches for a bracelet, so it can call her friend to help her. Page 33: An alien girl scours her house for a bracelet, then hesitates before wearing it. Her friend might get mad for being called again. The girl puts the bracelet on and light streams into the room. Page 34: An alien girl and a winged woman cry because a human-sized cocoon is damaged. Both girls have insect-like antennae. Page 35: An alien girl is on her face: praying. Behind her a woman, with bat wings and antennae, uses gray fire to heal a bleeding, human-sized cocoon. Page 36: A winged woman holds an alien girl until the girl cries herself to sleep. Page 37: An alien girl awakes as a human-sized cocoon rustles. A blade from inside the cocoon opens it. Page 38: An alien woman, covered in goo, as thick as molasses, sits up. Her little sister, Sallina, helps her to a bath tub. After the woman is clean and in a new, silk dress, Sallina holds her hands together and smiles in satisfaction. Page 39: A young woman is wearing a silk, backless dress. Fairy-like wings protrude from her back and straight hair sweeps over her shoulders. She has a button nose, short jaw, and delicate antennae coming out of her forehead. Page 40: An alien girl talks to her sister, Charlea. Charlea is a beautiful, young woman with fairy-like wings and shoulder-length hair. Charlea forgives her sister for opening the cocoon too early and hugs her. Page 41: An alien woman puts her arm around her little sister, Sallina. She tells Sallina that she forgives her and that she is her best friend. Page 42: A young woman, with fairy-like wings and shoulder-length hair, asks her sister, Sallina, if she wants to be one of her two special friends. Sallina agrees, so the woman kisses Sallina’s wrist to create her connection as a silkwing. Page 43: An alien girl asks her sister, Charlea, who the second person she will share a connection with is. Charlea sister daydreams of Jon. The girls agree that Jon will want to marry Charlea. Page 44: A young woman, holds her little sister’s hand as they walk on a path in the woods. Both girls have insect-like antennae coming out of their heads. They also have long dresses.


Riley wrote the script using Nano and Gedit. The computers used on the project ran free software atop GNU/Linux. To illustrate and letter this comic, we used Krita and Inkscape.

We’re grateful to these artists for creating the fonts and assets we used in this project.

Chango is licensed under OFL-1.0 by Fontstage.

Gochi Hand is licensed under OFL-1.0 by Huerta Tipográfica.

Louis George Café is licensed under a custom license by Chen Yining, yiningchen23@gmail.com.

Potta One is licensed under OFL-1.0 by HuertaFont Zone 108.

speechbubbles template is licensed under CC-BY-4.0 by David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com

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TEXT © Autumn Patterson and Seth Patterson



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