Growing up in Modesto, Buffalo had, in the words of Gaylord Buzzard from the Broom-Hilda comics, a ream of paper, a typewriter, and the delusion [he] knew how to write.

Years passed, the family farm was paved and housed over, he got divorced, his parents died. Tired of the California rat race, Buffalo moved to Cope, Colorado, a pretty close approximation of nowhere.

Buffalo is the owner of Buffalo’s Last Stand in Cope, a souvenir shop for all things bison, and eastern Colorado's premier book store, where he meets travelers from all over America.


Cover illustration for the novel Tales of a Metal Fisherman by Buffalo, illustration by Chris Jacobs. The illustration shows a man on a sunset-lit pier hauling a car out the water with a fishing line.

Tales of a Metal Fisherman by Buffalo

Eleven stories of urban adventure in the life of The Captain, a hard-living Repo Man, and the cars he steals.


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