There are three core files that make Nantucket E-Books™ possible:

1) Gam, a script that parses the Shanty™ e-book markup language into an HTML file.

2) Ahab, a script that controls the interactive elements of a Nantucket E-Book™.

3) A CSS file which controls how the content of the Nantucket E-Book™ is displayed to the reader.

In addition, there are the rules of the Shanty™ markup language, and various menu icons that are part of the reader experience.

A change to one of these files will usually require a change to one or more of the other files.

Starting on , major updates to these files will be given a version number. This will make it a little easier to keep track of updates, while allowing older versions to keep working.

Each version of the program will have a nickname as well, taken from a member of Captain Ahab’s crew in the novel Moby Dick. Version 1 was called Ishmael, Version 2 is called Queequeg.



* Released on .

* New self-contained file structure for e-books. E-books also come with a compressed folder that may be downloaded for offline reading. This replaces the offline reader used in prior versions. The self-contained structure makes it easier for authors to host e-books on their own websites, and easier for readers to share e-books or read them offline.

* The stylesheet has been completely rewritten to make long-term maintenance easier.

* Improved mobile-responsiveness.

* Support for advanced typography. Straight quotes will be automatically converted to curly quotes. Three dots (...) will automatically convert to ellipses (…). New syntax has been added for a variety of symbols and special characters, all explained in the Shanty™ manual.

The :alt attribute is available for @@ILLO and @@IMG

* Bookmarks are automated now. The e-book will save the reader's scroll position every five seconds.

* Dark Mode has been updated. If the reader has dark mode enabled in their browser or OS, the e-book will load straight into dark mode.

* Flippable images, introduced in Version 1.3, have extended support. The attribute is now available for cover images and plain images as well.

* Note-taking has been updated. In addition to copying notes, notes can now be imported and exported between e-books.

* Authors can choose to use a serif font for their e-books by adding !!SERIF to the beginning of their Shanty™ file.

* Testing a new feature: adding !!ARROWS to the beginning of a Shanty™ file will add arrow links to chapter headings (like this: ), linking back to the table of contents. This should help make e-books more navigable.

* Removed Feature: The offline reader has been deprecated. In prior versions, readers could download a compressed folder containing a miniature version of the site, and then download the HTML files for e-books into that folder for offline reading. Starting in Version 2, all the assets for an e-book are contained in one folder, including any images or audiobook files.

* Removed Feature: The Bookmark button in the menu has been removed in favor of automatically saving scroll position at regular intervals.

* Removed Feature: Menu sound effects have been disabled.

* Removed Feature: The :title attribute for images has been removed, in favor of extending the :alt attirbute.


Ver. 1.5.1


* Released on .

* New syntax for displaying code in an e-book. This will make Nantucket E-Books™ more useful for software documentation.

* Fixed some bugs that prevented the home button in e-books, and the Download button in Arrowhead, from working in some browsers.

Ver. 1.5


* Released on .

* E-Books will now feature a "back to home" button in the menu, linking back to the main page of the site.

* Support for new text-styling options: underlines, highlights, and strikethroughs.

* The attributes for the [[linked text]] syntax have been updated.

* Several updates to image/illustration layout.

* Improved layout for situations where JavaScript is disabled in the reader’s browser.

* Nantucket E-Books™ is now officially a free software project. The JavaScript files for Version 1.5 are released under the GPL Version 3 or later.

* Nantucket E-Books™ now include a link to a web label on the main site, specifying the license for ahab.js, and including a link to the full source code.

* The Shanty™ markup manual is now licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

* Credits in Nantucket E-Books™ can now link to other web pages, including the new Nantucket E-Books™ Artist Directory.

* New tutorial text files included with the Arrowhead text editor.

* E-Books that have "The", "A", or "An" at the start of the title will have the articles shifted to the end in the filename. For example, "The_Great_Gatsby.html" will become "Great_Gatsby,_The.html" This will not affect the title within the e-book.

* Errors that occur when previewing e-books in Arrowhead are now listed to the writer. Where possible, the message will quote the line that caused the error, and link to the relevant page of the Shanty™ manual.

* Improved downloading of e-books in Arrowhead.

* The manual has been updated with information on customizing "THE END" for your e-book using the @@END tag.

* Using the spacebar to play/pause in the audiobook player will not cause the underlying e-book to scroll down as much.

* Various bug fixes.

* Various small cosmetic improvements to e-books.


* The @@SUPPORT tag has been removed from Shanty™, call-to-action sections can be created like any other chapter using the # tag.

* The cassette icon has been removed from the audiobook player.

* The drop-down menu for the table of contents, for readers on desktop, has been removed. Readers on desktop and mobile will both use the full-screen table-of-contents menu.

Ver. 1.4.1


* Released on .

* Bug fixes for Version 1.4.

* Bug fix in editorLogic.js that was preventing Shanty™ syntax output from showing up.

* Bug fix in gam.js where cover images weren’t loading correctly.

* Writers will be notified if they forgot to add !!AUDIO when including an audiobook.

* Bug fix in ahab.js for how image orientation is set.

* The image-orientation-check program in Ahab.js will now ignore enlarge icons.

* Cosmetic updates in main stylesheet.

Ver. 1.4


* Released on .

* Introducing the Nantucket E-Books Editor, AKA ARROWHEAD, which will allow Shanty™-formatted text to be previewed instantly. The editor will also make it easier to learn the Shanty™ markup language.

* Improved Text-Resize Feature, with a limit on maximum and minimum resize.

* Some behind-the-scenes features in Gam.js that will make testing new features easier.

Ver. 1.3


* Released on .

* FLIPPABLE IMAGES: Writers can add PNG files with transparent backgrounds, which will change color alongside dark mode. See the first illustration from the Great Gatsby e-book and toggle dark mode for an example. Also review instructions in the Shanty™ manual.

* Drop caps now created using Shanty™ syntax :dropcap, instead of being automatically positioned. This gives writers control over where the first drop cap is placed, and allows for multiple dropcaps per book, for example, at the start of each chapter.

* The illustration section of the table of contents can be disabled using the new !!NOILLOTOC syntax.

* New !!DATESTAMP syntax will append the current date to the end of a file name, in YYYY-MM-DD format.

* Orientation of cover images now automatically detected.

* Bug fixed from 1.2 where the background of the illustration window didn’t respond to dark mode.

* Illustration orientations are now set after all images are loaded on the page.

* Illustrations and non-ornament images now have a basic fallback styling in case JavaScript is disabled.

* Additional information is displayed to the reader about downloading files when JavaScript is disabled.


* Released on .

* Keyboard-based playback in audiobook player

* Auto-detect on orientation of plain images and illustrations

* Added Shanty™ syntax for indenting lines of poetry

* Cosmetic updates

* Improved logic for full-screen illustrations

* Using minified files

* Removing uses of innerHTML for improved performance

* Debugging of Download This E-Book button

* The following syntax has been removed from Shanty™: @@HTMLSTART, @@HTMLEND, and the :orientation attribute for illustrations.

Ver. 1.1


* Released on .

* Autoplay for audiobooks with multiple files.

* Paragraphs can have multiple footnotes.

* Added markup for creating audiobook credits, making it easy to recognize the people involved in a recording.

* Gam.js will automatically change double-quotes in the !!DESC section to single-quotes.

* Improved layout for e-books when printed.

* Plain images will now include title attributes.

* Footnotes and illustrator credits can now use double-quotes.

Ver. 1.0


* Released on .

* Sound effects can be muted in ahab.js source code.



* Initial release on .

* Final version prior to using version numbers.